Has luck finally run out for Shrewsbury House? Use it or lose it

Shooters Hill’s Grade II listed Shrewsbury House appears to be under threat this week after a mysterious letter went out to affiliated community groups calling an Emergency General Meeting for tomorrow, August 10th.

The letter announcing a Shrewsbury House EGM sent last week

The letter announcing a Shrewsbury House EGM sent last month

The current Shrewsbury House was built in 1923 and replaced an earlier building from 1789. English Heritage suspect many of the features of the new house were transferred from the old.

After coming under Woolwich Borough control in 1934 it became a library in 1938 before being used as an Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Control Centre during World War II. After the war it also housed Woolwich Borough’s mobile library.

After the merger of Woolwich and Greenwich Boroughs Shrewsbury House became a community centre in the late 1960s, surviving through funding cuts then the closure of the library and other council services in 1990, before becoming a registered trust and charity. However, under the terms of the original sale, Greenwich Council is still obliged to maintain and insure the building.

What is this emergency meeting about?

The accounts for 2016-17 are projected to show a loss of around £18,000 and, with bookings down again for 2017-18, the Trust’s ability to continue as a going concern is under threat.

Under Charity Commission rules there must be sufficient reserves to enable continued trading for three months. Alongside the £15,000 already set aside for redundancies and a large bill for internal electrical work, that figure could be breached at any time.

The Charities Commission reveals the state of play:-

Income Expenditure Gain/Loss Reserves 3 months
2010-11 £126,524 £142,846 -£16,322 £65,719 £35,712
2011-12 £119,839 £112,134 £7,705 £73,424 £28,034
2012-13 £117,706 £116,387 £1,319 £74,743 £29,097
2013-14 £139,132 £131,333 £7,799 £82,542 £32,833
2014-15 £132,943 £140,544 -£7,601 £74,941 £35,136
2015-16 £157,492 £145,813 £11,679 £86,620 £36,453
2016-17 -£18,000 £68,620

Although Shrewsbury House has suffered a number of financial difficulties in the past, this looks to be on a different scale with no resolution in sight. After the last loss in 2015 the Shrewsbury House Community Association Trust lost most of its Trustees and all of its Directors until Councillor Don Austen (Labour – Glyndon) stepped in.

Why can’t Greenwich Council help?

The Council currently funds Shrewsbury House, along with other local community centres, through a dedicated £477,000 grant.

Centre Annual
Abbey Wood Community Centre £40,500 1900 £0.41
Clockhouse Community Cenre £27,000 850 £0.61
The Forum @ Greenwich £36,000 420 £1.65
Glyndon Community Group (4 centres) £81,000 3405 £0.46
West Greenwich Community Group (3 centres) £45,000 2830 £0.31
Middle Park Community Centre £54,000 1922 £0.54
Mycenae House Community Centre £22,500 4250 £0.10
New Charlton Community Centre £31,500 490 £1.24
Shrewsbury House £22,500 1000 £0.43
St. Mary’s Community Complex £67,500 2538 £0.51
Woolwich Common Community Centre £49,500 1100 £0.87
TOTALS £477,000 20705 £0.44

Source: Regeneration, Transport & Culture Scrutiny Panel – July 12th, 2017 and RBG spending data

While Shrewsbury House’s £22,500 grant is equal to Mycenae House in SE3’s Westcombe Park, it’s also the lowest in the borough. New Charlton Community Centre and The Forum at Greenwich both receive far more in funding, for far fewer visitors.

External funding is very difficult outside of rental and event income – however, the Council is currently consulting on changing lease arrangements to make this easier as part of its Voluntary & Community Support (VCS) Strategy.

What happens next?

The Council is keen for Shrewsbury House to continue in its present form but, at present, isn’t prepared to offer any additional financial support. Given the financial circumstances, the lack of trustees and Don Austen’s resignation tomorrow, in all likelihood the Trust will decide to wind up. This means Shrewsbury House will close at the end of the month.

There’s still a chance of changing things though. With some local expertise and support, and despite the location on the hill, this hidden gem could become as popular as Mycenae House.

Do you have events management, marketing or business skills and some time to spare? Do you have a local group or society who could use the facilities?

Get along to the meeting at Bushmoor Cresent, SE18 3EG for 1930 tomorrow and offer your services and support.






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