If the Council won’t do anything, we will: The Plumstead Party launches

The last few years have been an interesting time for Plumstead. Despite numerous residents asking for

Normal transmission resumes shortly. Please stand by…

Farage visits Plumstead?: “You’re not wanted here!”

It looks like things are now gearing up for the General Election on May 7th –

Greenwich Council does “Pointless”: Debating the NHS

As I’ve mentioned before, the ruling Labour clique at Greenwich Council like the sound of their

Eltham Labour MP Efford’s cover-up exposed #EffordScandal

Last week we revealed that Eltham Labour MP Clive Efford, missed an urgent Parliamentary question on

Dissent in Greenwich: If I stop shouting, please send for help…

Yesterday evening I attended this month’s Greenwich Council meeting and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. That

Matt versus Matt: Greenwich and the Living Wage

Strange things are afoot once again at Greenwich Council and, for a change, local residents may

The “Schoolboy Politics” of Greenwich Council

I’ve been a little busy over the last few months with one thing and another, but

Greenwich Council’s belated support for small businesses. All 20 of them.

The Greenwich Council cabinet meeting of July 23rd passed without much comment last month, probably because

Shocking Experiments in Shooters Hill

Sir William Watson, FRS was a physician, botanist and scientist. Born to a respectable tradesman on